"I've seen so many of these performers in clubs that I'll certainly spend a few bucks to see them in a movie theater"
- Whitney Matheson, USA Today

"I Lay Where I Fall is an intimate and evenhanded portrait, highlighting both the triumphs and the frustrations of the creative process and the life of a motorcycling free spirit who doesn't always know the right way to execute his vision. Vexing as some of the more difficult moments may have been for those involved, it's a consistently rewarding experience for the viewer. And it doesn't hurt that some of the music is genuinely quite good."
- D. Patrick Rodgers, Nashville Scene

"The resulting album and documentary are matured works, expertly showcasing the emotions that accompany an individual spirit, the strength and resilience of someone born to express themselves through the amalgamations of musical creation."
- Emily King, Lockel and Springsteen